Nathaniel Jams is an enthusiast.



Born in 1984.

Lives in Portland, Oregon.

Raised in Orange County, California.

I enjoy hip-hop, photography, and lifting weights. I used to run, but shin-splints suck.

Co-host and Executive Producer of The Tone Podcast.

Photographs using an iPhone 7+ and Sony a58. Edits using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and VSCO Cam.

Slaps and melodies thrown together with an iPad, Korg Module, Korg microKey Air 61, Korg nanoKey Studio, Garage Band, among other apps.

Designs using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Loves wrestling and fashion.

Guest Appearances:

Bread and Roses on KBOO: "You Play Ball Like A Girl"
Bread and Roses is a collective of women-identified radio activists. Given the feminist history of this radio show, I was incredibly flattered to be invited as a guest to discuss the impact that the FOX series Pitch had on pop culture's portrayal of a gender-inclusive Major League Baseball.

The Perfect Podcast: The Perfect G-Funk Song: "Let Me Ride" by Dr. Dre
I was invited by Inside Pop co-host Sean David Johnson to talk about one "perfect" thing. I chose to explain how Dr. Dre's "Let Me Ride" encapsulates a very specific early-90s sound in West Coast hip-hop. While this wasn't Dr. Dre's biggest hit, nor was it as big a hit as other G-Funk standards like "Regulate" or "It Was a Good Day", this song in particular provided a thesis of being an anti-East Coast Native Tongues-esque style of rap, while also embracing a different angle of afro-centric identity though a very key Afro-Futuristic sample.

Inside Pop: The Big Sell: Ben Folds
Every year, Inside Pop does a 30 Day Big Sell challenge, where the podcast hosts invite guests to do a big sell on any pop culture phenomenon. In this case, my Tone Podcast co-host Wendell Britt and I were invited to do a big sell. As a result, we decided to talk about one of the biggest things that has been at the foundation of our friendship: piano virtuoso and singer-songwriter, Ben Folds.