Getting Trippy.

I haven't really had the chance to really focus on music--my mind has been focused elsewhere, to be honest. That being said, I've been sitting on this beat for about a month.

When I sat down to make this beat, I didn't have much in mind. I was messing around with different instrument packs and samples, and I ended up fooling around with some 8-bit video game instruments, which is where that weird bouncy melody came from. Given how high-pitched and trippy that stem ended up being, I went with a deep 808 bass-line with some trap hi-hats and a super-reverbed-out bass and snare pattern. The piano really ties the general playfulness of the beat together.

Granted, I don't really partake--but from what I remember from my past weird trips, my mind would enter some sort of fantastic I hit the sound effects hard with the hook. I wanted those orchestral hits to emulate some sort of mind explosion, while the simple marimba melody keeps all this drug-fueled chaos balanced.

All in all, it felt pretty dope to step out of my normal songwriting genres and put a different spin on something trap-inspired.