Random Notes on Feb. 17, 2018

On Wrestling: 


I am here for the 205 Live renaissance, and I’d go so far to say that WWE is finally getting close to being on its way to treating the Cruiserweight Division with the same level of prestige that New Japan has given to it’s Juniors Division. Now, whether or not 205 Live actually gets there remains to be seen, but they’ve taken steps to establish the show as something to aspire to for its performers, rather than as a sideshow that no one really wanted to watch.

While the addition of new General Manager Drake Maverick and the new 205 Live tournament has given the roster purpose, I do have some smaller concerns with this “soft reset” for the show.

The dismissal of Enzo Amore was wholly welcome, but during the time of his involvement, there was an incredible storyline that developed great character-work from Drew Gulak and even Tony Nese. While I’m glad that they were able to carry over Nese’s resentment of Gulak for turning on him, I do hope that we don’t fully sack the loveable dopeyness of Gulak’s character.

In terms of character changes, I am interested in seeing how Jack Gallagher comes out given his recent heel turn, and the hint that he may ditch the heelish gentleman brawler gear, albeit with a hefty bit of reluctance. The social media push for the cruiserweights has been pretty nice in developing Akira Tozawa’s aspirations to literally be Vince McMahon, and Ariya Daivari’s return to being too rich for his own goddamn good. 

On Not Dividing My Brand: 

I’ve been thinking of creating separate a separate Twitter account for all of my wrestling reflections—but I feel like it’s mostly in part to some insecurity that I have in talking about wrestling. Ultimately, I’ve decided against it, as it would feel inauthentic. I don’t criticize my friends who are into other things for fawning over the things that they like, and I wouldn’t necessarily feel the need to create separate online personas to focus on all the different things I like, such as music, movies, television, reality television, and so on.

On Movie Quotes: 

Even if this quote from The Social Network drips of sloppy Sorkinism, it still remains one of my favorite lines in cinema: “If your clients want to sit on my shoulders and call themselves tall, they have a right to give it a try.”

It’s so snotty and somewhat needlessly confrontational, but it’s a great exclamation point in this scene.

On Perfect Couples:

Briefly back to wrestling: The Miz and Maryse are the fucking best, as demonstrated in the following maternity photo: 

From Dana Brooke’s Instagram story  

From Dana Brooke’s Instagram story 

I hope that they hang that photo up in the nursery.  Or in a museum.

On Drake:

I don’t want to say “I’m never going to say another bad thing about Aubrey Graham”, but he’s damn sure making it hard for me to not make that statement. The single “God’s Plan” is already a banger—the music video is an inspiration.