The Tone Podcast

"Pop Culture in Full Color" is the ethos that my co-host and I founded the podcast on. To best exemplify this, the primary brand colors are black and yellow to represent our racial backgrounds. I took it upon myself to run with the "full color" aspect of the brand in the logo as well as the episode photos to create an identity for the show that would stand out visually while reminding our audience about our attitudes regarding pop culture commentary.



In February of 2017, I challenged myself to create a song every day of that month. Coincidentally, I also ended up challenging myself to design cover art that would reflect the overall feel of every song. There was a wide variety of songs ranging from hip-hop to 80's-inspired synth-wave. For the synth-wave songs, I invoked a visual identity of worn out VHS tapes and pulpy sci-fi imagery.


Childswork Learning Center

I've designed welcome posters for Childswork Learning Center's fundraising events. These events have had themes ranging from "Gatsby Night" to "Night at the Gallery".